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Prior to becoming a Pilates instructor I worked for many years as a physiotherapist.  I have participated in sports and been a gym and class member most of my life and have no idea why the ideal combination of my physiotherapy experience and love of exercise did not lead me to becoming a Pilates instructor many years ago.  I am a level three qualified instructor.

My aim is to assist a wide range of people to achieve some of thier fitness goals with a personalised approach that focuses on the individual and the importance of enjoying the process whilst still getting results.



Pilates was established over 80 years ago.  It's founder, Joseph Pilates, was born in Germany in 1880. Joseph was a body builder, gymnast and professional boxer prior to his internment during the First World War.  He was well ahead of his time in observing that true well-being could be achieved through physical fitness and positive mental attitude. After the war he moved to America and gained a large following of dancers, gymnasts and athletes who realised that his programme gave them strength, flexibility, stamina and control.
Today, Pilates is a widely recognised and followed technique not least due to its accesibility for all abilities, its use in rehabilitation post injury, proven track record in injury prevention and ability to achieve a lean, strong and co-ordinated body.
A typical Pilates class will consist of a short set up phase to consider posture and correct alignment, a warm up, a main phase of exercises to challenge the whole body (working on strength, control and flexibility) and a closing phase for stretching and relaxation.
With regualr attendance you can expect to be:  leaner, stronger, more toned, more flexible, better aligned and less prone to back problems and injury.


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Pilates movements require control and a class will work all of the major muscle groups.  Regular attendance results in a well toned body.

Pilates works on strength, balance, posture, breathing, focus and relaxation.  This combination leads to a healthier and less injury prone mind and body.

You will learn to focus your mind on how your body feels, to be aware of areas of tension , learn how to release any stress and allow your body to move with ease and fluidity.

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