BePilates run by Deborah Stapleton offers something for everyone, beginners, improvers, men only and much more.  Explore the options below.  Whatever your level of experience, level of fitness, stage in life, goals or motivations BePilates offers you something.
Classes run during term time on a broadly 6 week half term rotation.  Payment is made in advance for the half term.

Group mat based classes are ideally suited to improver level participants.  Improvers covers a broad spectrum of ability and each class is structured to incorporate a range of exercises thus allowing people to work at their own level.

The small studio classes also suit this client group and will be specifically divided into beginner, improover and advanced level classes.


Those who have been practicing pilates for a number of years may well require and benefit from an advanced class.  These will only be offered at my home studio - maximum 5 or   1-1 or 2-1 


Pilates is not a difficult exercise technique to master and there are options to work at whatever level suits you best.  There are however a few fundamental concepts and exercises that it is useful to know before embarking on a group class.  I would therfore recommend that total beginers take a term of small studio classes first.

Class Descriptions
Post/Antenatal and Rehabilitation


  • On request, please call to enquire


  • Specific classes on a 1:1 or small group basis will be offered for those with back problems or recovering from injury.

  • These sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 people and take place at my home studio.

  • They are most suited to beginners, those people who would prefer a slightly more tailored individual approach and those who do not like larger group classes.  Either join a small group or come as a group of friends

Studio Group
Men only
  • Please enquire to establish if a class can be provide at a time that is convenient for you.  The best option is to get a group of friends together.

  • Group, mat based classes are held in halls in the Beaconsfield area. Classes are kept to a maximum of 12/14 to allow for individual attention.

  • These group classes are best suited to people with some experience of pilates who are familiar with both pilates set up and some of the exercises.  If you are a beginner you are welcome at these sessions but if possible do consider a term of studio classes first.

Mat Based Group
  • Increasingly, companies are appreciating the benefits of a fitter, healthier and more relaxed workforce.  To this end it is now common for them to offer in house exercise programmes such as pilates.

  • Corporate packages are available, please contact me to discuss.  email: 

  • For those clients who prefer an individual approach or perhaps have specific requirements such as medical conditions, sports specific training or rehabilitation following injury.  

  • Taken either as individual sessions or on a regular basis the classes will be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

1-1 or 2-1